It's one thing to look beautiful in your harlan swimwear, but its another thing to do it completely guilt free

How are we helping?

Harlan is all about making the world a more beautiful place, and this filters through everything we do, the whole way down to our hang tags, which can be planted whole to grow into daisies and herbs. Read below to see a couple of the things we are doing to ensure that making you feel beautiful doesnt come at the cost of our planet.


1. Tear off eyelet

2. Soak paper in water until soft

3. Place on potting or seed raising mix (in ground or pot)

4. Lightly cover with more mix

5. Ensure paper stays moist

6. Sing to your seeds daily for best results


It's no secret that the global climate crisis is one of the most serious issues our genaration will have to deal with. At Harlan, we know every little bit of conscious effort helps. All our swimwear is proudly made from fabric developed using post consumer water bottles. All our bold and beautiful dyes are eco friendly and OEKO-TEX® & GOTS approved, protecting our planet for future generations.

We also stock a range of small Australian ethical brands, one of which is The Summer Chaser. Their towels are also made from post consumer recycled plastic waste, and we couldn't be prouder to stock them alongside our brand.


Of course all our packaging is fully recyclable, and our postage bags and shipping labels are compostable, but even behind the scenes we make sure to only use compostable packaging, including when we receive any samples or production direct from our manufacturer - We ensure that plastic is avoided throughout our office at all costs.

If you have any questions at all about our sustainable practices or manufacturing process, we would love to hear from you! Contact us here or email at and we will make sure to get back to you.